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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 11, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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given me a sense of accomplishment. now i'm on a career path, and i'm the leader of my team. i put on the uniform and i have a whole new outlook on life. country, community, family-- that's what matters most to me. if that matters to you, go to ne arundel malls.
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mourn air mcnair. gering to remember steve mcnair one week after the shocking murder. >> i'm adam may and that's what people are talking about tonight. he was an inspiration to many and remembered today for his accomplishments not the tragic ending of his life. steve mcnair laid to rest in his home state of mississippi. ♪ [ music ] ♪ . >> reporter: steve mcnair's funeral at the university of southern mississippi drew more than 5,000, family members, friends, fans and teammates including baltimore raven ray lewis. >> and meeting steve mcnair through competition, i became a friend. i find myself in awe when i speak about a man like steve mcnair. i find myself in awe and honor being here to speak where it all started from. >> reporter: police determined mcnair was shot to death in his sleep by the 4th of july with a woman he was having an affair
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with sahel kazemi. her family held a small service in florida. >> when they drop the casket, it was pretty tough. >> kazemi and mcnair dated for six months and frequently vacations. not mentioned in the funeral including memories from his mother, wife and son, brothers and nieces and nephews. >> steve was like a hero to me. you know, heros are not supposed to die. >> reporter: very emotional for many like current titans quarterback vince young. the casket escorted by nine police officers to the hometown of mount olive, mississippi for a private burial ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> and steve mcnair was 36 years old. leaves behind a wife and four sons. in other news tonight, four people recovering after a police chase led to a dangerous chain reaction crash in anne arundel
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county. one of the officers pursued a nissan going over the limit along 695 and route 10. the chase led ordinance road. now mdta police officers say the victim was hasn't but two people were hurt and a driver in a bmw was also hospitalized. a two alarm fire start ed early kr mo morning at the -- early this morning. rod cross at the scene to help with the residents. we had nice weather but all good things must come to an end. let's check with bernadette woods for a updated look at live doppler radar. >> we have a cold front coming into the state and because of
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that we have thunderstorms out there. this is what we have going on. a lot more action out to the north. seen thunderstorms die down and a few showers around d.c. the thunderstorms hanging on and making their way to hagerstown. and still hanging around hancock and berkeley springs. we'll see scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the evening and then changes coming this week. the forecast coming up. >> thank you, bernadette. with the economy in the tank right now some shopping malls seeing more crime. tonight, g.g. burnett explains that many want security cameras. >> reporter: inside the malls is a final destination for customers but a you had in the parking lot that one county councilman wants to watch. councilman darrel jones is writing a law requiring all malls and large shopping centers with 15 storers or mo to place
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surveillance cameras. >> it serves a tool and deterrent that should something happen something to go and look for-see if there's any footage. >> neighbors near the mall have watched the crime escalate. >> a lot of people out of work and they will be stealing. i think that's probably one of the reasons. >> since may, at least eight robberies arundel mills mall. two robbers used a gun to force who men to a car and drove them to several banks pulling cash from the accounts. instead of using mall surveillance cameras they are relied on security cameras from the bank. >> i think good for the safety to have more cameras in the mall to see what's going on. >> reporter: some say the cameras won't do enough to stop robbers especially at large malls. >> i don't think that there's ever a full proof system that you could put in place to stop someone from doing a crime, but i think there are things we can do. >> reporter: contacted simon
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malls the company that owns arundel mills about the upcoming legislation. did not want to discuss the issue. right now baltimore county the law with the only one that requires surveillance video in the parking lots. gruesome discovery in anne arundel a woman's body found stuffed in a freezer. wjz spoke to the family member that called police. mike hellgren with the latest for us. >> unfolded at the scene about 24 hours ago when police responded. the grandson of the 83 years old woman found in the freezer tells us he does not want to spec lite why she was placed there. >> paste --anne arundel police found the body in a freezer. >> i won't go into detail bus that would be disrespectful to my grandmother passing away. i was called and informed by my
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aunt and came over to check the situation out. once i found out what was going on, then contacted anne arundel authorities. >> reporter: investigators say that ms. cook had been in the freezer for several weeks. her grandson tells wjz she lived in the apartment with her two daughters. >> don't know buy and i'm not going to make a false statement, because that's ignorance on my part. you know, they are still looking into it and to find out what happened. >> reporter: at this point, again no death determination made and no suspectsings at this time. >> police believe cook was dead when she was place in thes freezer. homicide investigators are working the case. >> right now the family is trying to cope with what's going going on and try to figure out what's going be on. we're trying to help one another. >> reporter: says his grandmother the sweetest woman and always helped other people of the right now the body is at
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the medical examiner's office. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> quick question, was this like a stand alone freezer but a refrigerator freezer combination typical in an apartment building? do you know? >> okay. >> mike hellgren reporting live for us. try to get an answer tonight at 11:00. >> this is an active investigation, and please call police with any information. main marylanders struggling to pay for college but alternative job opportunities out there. a career fair today that showed job seekers what is out there if you can't afford higher education. it featured information on job training, apprenticeship program and g.e.d. opportunities. still to come on wjz
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eyewitness news tonight. a personal conclusion to the family's trip to africa. and a live look right now at the shuttle endeavor. we take a look at that, nope. we'll get to that in a little bit later. shuttle endeavor, the launch has been delayed. we'll tell you about that also. one year ago jesse hall had had surgery to remove part of her brain. i have the latest on jesse's condition, straight ahead.
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at this hour, president obama is making his way back to america after a week long trip overseas. tonight, susan roberts reports for wjz that mr. obama capped off a report to ghana. >> the first african-american, first family toured a castle in ghana. a place where slaves were chained. >> it was here that the journey of much of the african-american experience began. >> up at the castle crowds cheered him. american presidents visited before but for africans this president is unique. >> thank you. >> something he noted to parliament. >> my father grew up herding goats in a tiny village. >> president obama's father
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born in kenya but chose to visit ghana because it's seen as a growth. followed others to follow ghan a's lead. >> it won't be easy, it will take time and effort. there will be suffering and setbacks. i promise you this, america will be with you every step as a way as a partner and friend. >> the president's visit to africa wrapped up a week long trip where he held talks in russia, attended the g-8 summit and met with the pope. on saturday he headed for home leaving the land of his ancestor ancestor. >> president obama will host the president of the fill philippines at the white house discussing security and trade. tonight, sonya sotomayor is
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preparing for her meetings. the quizzing range from racial clikt to legal controversy and her personal facts and views. she was nominated to be the first hispanic justice to the supreme court. the space shuttle launch delayed for a third time. space shuttle endeavor. there was lightning strikes near the pad, crews will meet to determine if endeavor is cleared for takeoff tomorrow. one year after major brain surgery, jesse hall is now back in baltimore. we have the latest on the little girls condition and how parents are reaching out to other families in similar situations. >> she that why the spot. >> reporter: yeah. >> that's my scar. >> aside from a scar on her head and a brace on her left leg, 7-year-old jessie hall
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looks like your average soon to be second grader. >> night and day. left here doing fairly well and couldn't walk yet. and now hopping and skipping all over the place. >> reporter: when dr. ben carson first met jessie, had encephalitis. the team from the johns hopkins surgery center removed part of her brain to save her life. >> some day she will nz. she had a special surgery. you know, she is ready to go do the next thing. >> reporter: eyewitness news closely followed jessie's surgery and recovery. >> during the two-month stay here in baltimore, the halls formed a foundation. >> it's the removal and disconnection of one-half of their brain. >> in a conference, families and children have a support network. >> and unfortunately, because of the surgery, they are left
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with what's called where one side of their body is weak. they wear a leg brace and have one arm that is very weak. it has lack of month, that kind of thing. >> it's good thing they don't suffer from seizures anymore and can focus on more important things like playing. >> yeah, this is kid's camp. >> reporter: what do you do? >> we eat junk candy. >> reporter: jessica karalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> in town a few follow-up appointments and she is doing great. looking for fun is the sun and music baltimore the place to be tonight. the 28th annual caribbean festival. the mayor is serving as the grand marshall in the parade. that was her in the headdress.
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live entertainment and the annual event also strives to demonstrate the importance of integration and togetherness of all backgrounds. >> great food. >> and music. >> the weather holding out so far. >> for most of the state more bark than bite with the clouds. some showers and storms out there but temperaturewise a bit muggy. dew points into the 60s. temperature right now at 81 degrees with a wind out of the south. we'll have the forecast, when
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welcome back, everybody. here is the front coming through the state right now. a lot of showers ahead of it died down moving eastward. this is what we're seeing going around hagerstown seeing a for you of the thunderstorms at this
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point. and want to show you farther to the south there is a shower right now also in d.c. hear what it looks like on the satellite and radar and jumping over to that. coming in from the west here, here are the different storms. now move a bit to the east and more behind it. what we'll be doing with the front for the night here. winds out of the south ahead of it and bringing in the moisture. this is more typical for july, but so far from it lately. you are feeling it outside. temperaturewise, 81 in baltimore right now. 78 in ocean city. but 86 degrees right now in come ber come berland. we're going to lose it tomorrow as the cold front goes through. it's a quick mover and here is it on a large scale. off to the south and behind it already some drier air. that will follow for tomorrow. start out with some clouds and then the sunshine will start to mix in heading through the
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afternoon hours. and humidity will really start to drop tomorrow afternoon. although, temperatures are still going to be in the mid-80s. after that, high pressure is going to come in and keep most of this activity down to the south for a few days. heading towards the end of the week a new front will come our way but a new chance of showers and thunderstorms with that. tonight, about 68 degrees for the low. a couple of showers and thunderstorms out there. tomorrow going up to 86 with sunshine returning. going to hang in the mid-80s although we lose the humidity for the next few days. tuesday, 84 degrees. after that it looks like some warmth and humidity will start to build. once again we could see a few thunderstorms by late in the week. >> thank you very much. >> and dan with a preview of sports. >> a lot of tournaments locally involving kids. one of them a swimming tournament in northwest baltimore, from a very famous place. meadowbrook swim club. >> near heard of it. >> never heard ofr ur
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it's 10 tasty calories... loved by lips and hips alike. ♪ shake it, shake it, ooh, yeah ♪ jell-o. because every diet needs a little wiggle room. hello, everybody. orioles baseball and neither sinking or swimming. an ending of a promising first half draws near with the all-star game in st. louis. last night the birds started rookie pitcher jason booking on the mound. a good outing but no run support. chavez and contact andrio scores. that's the way the game ended with toronto favor. look at ceasel on the night. here is the skipper late this afternoon commenting on third base, melvin mora recent lack of
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production. >> at this point in time i think he had 11 home runs, did he have 11. 2 now. i'm still of the believe that melvin is a second half player. and i hope that takes place. >> we'll see what happens tonight. don't forget game 3 of three tomorrow here on wjz. in case you haven't heard, let me introduce you. quite a different sport. national championships. broken down as indoor soccer without balls. played worldwide by $12 million on any kind of court similar to a basketball court. many credit futsbal with developing their schools while growing up. not far away locally more than hot fun in the summertime thanks for the north baltimore
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aquatic club at meadow brooks swim club. the midsummer classic. four days competition that began yesterday, by the way alums michael phelps won three events in indianapolis this week before withdrawing from the 100-meter freestyle. the midsummer classic, continues through monday. not far away at all, northwest baltimore county the baltimore junior open sponsored by the baltimore tennis club. a baltimore event. boys and girls in the swing, girls 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. at garsson school. the event goes back to 1916. why that's 93 years of tradition. mini days continuing in drew park. the semi final and final match set for tomorrow. some of the areas better adults compete at druid park.
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64 u.s. open, bethlehem, pennsylvania. misses on number 16. oh, she was cool and calm when i met her last month at the lpga championship. in bel air, it was different from her demeanor today. not so cool and calm. there is morgan forsal. bad days at the u.s. open. >> we have more tonight at 11:00. by the way, arturo gotti found dead in a hotel in south america. a famous boxer. more news about the arrest of former d.c. marion barry. be sure to watch harper's island at 10:00 followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. check out this really
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unique car wash. with wish this was happening in baltimore. he's elephants, if you can see the video are watching cars in winston oregon. a charity car wash and from the wild safari.
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